Level: Beginner

The Beginning.

So I had this idea. An idea that would incorporate amazingly talented crafters. These crafters would be invited from across the world to participate in creating this type of encyclopedia of chronicling of crafting projects. I want to offer creativity to those who need their creative juices to flow freely as well as help those who wish their creative juices could run wild! Beginners to experienced crafters will be exposed to possibilities of the unknown. Take awhile to stroll through the projects and unravel your craftiness within!

Each week, beginning February 2011 we will have guest appearances from craft and design bloggers from around the world share great inventive projects with everyone. There are no boundaries to the type of projects, as long as it allows the creative mind to take you places and think of what you could accomplish!

I encourage you to visit this site often and check out the amazing talent we have available. Check out the bloggers, click on their sites, and bookmark all the links! We will offer links to all contact information so we encourage emails, visits to their sites and conversations with questions and comments about their projects.

Enjoy it, live it, unleash your creativity!


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