Clothing Designer Kate from Katetowers on Etsy

Meet Kate. Kate is an amazing artist & designer. You’re assignment is to go to her Etsy site, KateTowers because, well, you just should! A trillion thank you’s Kate for taking the time to answer some questions for Liberate Creativity. I’m mad in love with her custom pieces!Kate’s photos, interview and site should certainly get your creative juices flowing!
Q: Tell us a bit about yourself:
A: if you asked me 4 years ago i would have said i’m an artist. but now i’ll say i’m a mother and an artist. because right now it’s all about finding the balance – and taking care of the kids comes first. i’m very passionate about what i do and there is never a lack of ideas – just a lack of time. i am also very passionate about my kids, so hopefully i’m using that same burning creativity in my child rearing, lord knows i need it!
Q: What events and/or people have led you to become an artist?
A: i have made some kind of art for as long as i can remember. both of my parents are very creative and art projects were always encouraged. there was never any holding back as far as running with it. i feel lucky that they understand how important art is in ones life.i never studied apparel design formally but sort of fell in to it and fell in love with it. it feels very sculptural to me.  i’ve been very experimental with the whole process.

Q: How do you come up with your creative ideas?
A: they are constantly burning in the back of my head! i think creativity just sort of hits you, rather than coming up with ideas. it’s rare that i’m “searching” for something to inspire me.

Q: What’s your quirkiest attribute?

 A: hmmm, this is a hard one. i’m fairly quirky.  i talk really fast – sometimes i think this is a result of my east coast roots but really it’s probably because i have ADD and am trying to keep up with my thoughts, spit them out before i forget.

Q: What would you say to someone who says they aren’t creative?
 i think everyone is creative in their own way, just as people are smart in their own way. creativity doesn’t have to come out on paper – it can live in the mind alone. i think when someone says this they mean more that they aren’t crafty with their hands – just a guess anyway.

Q: Where are your items available for sale?
A: most of my pieces are one of a kind, so also very limited. i can only produce so much with my own two hands so right now i’m only selling privately out of my studio and on etsy. i ran a clothing store for 8 years here in portland so i sold there and to a few select boutiques. i hope to do this again in the future when i have more time and can produce more.

Q: What project/s do you currently have on your plate?

A: i’m working on a few custom pieces and just starting to design some completely new things for a small collection. i don’t do typical seasonal collections, but rather a group of pieces that compliment each other or have the same feel to them, a theme. i’ve sort of just bee working on what i like to call “survival” pieces for the last few years. i know i sound like a broken record when i say how little time i have due to being a mom, but it really has put a hold on things. i think i am feeling sort of desperate to challenge myself again, make a comeback of sorts. we shall see.

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