Incredible Hulk Cupcake Challenge

Level: Beginner
Topic: Food
Time to complete project: Expect 1 hour or less

I am many things, a baker is not one of them. I have two dear friends specifically that bake everything from scratch. Seriously, everything. One time I received a call from one of them to “confess” to me that she was forced to use a cake mix from a box (gasp)! Granted, I have to admit their food is divine…to the point of almost wanting to make bread from scratch, but only almost.

This post is about a challenge. A baking challenge. From my 4 year old. You see, his friend Zane brought Batman cookies to preschool last week, and since this week is my son Charley’s week, he feels he should bring Incredible Hulk cookies. Thank you Zane’s mom! The thing Zane’s mommy had over Charley’s mommy is that Batman has a flippin logo….the Incredible Hulk does not! Perfect. After attempting to coerce Charley into many other superhero ideas (that have easy to duplicate logos) he was dead set on Incredible Hulk and just knew that Daddy would know how to make them! Ummmmm….your Daddy barely knows how to turn on the oven, so I doubt he knows how to recreate the Incredible Hulk on a flippin cookie!!!!! We can check with Daddy.

Needless to say, Mommy the acclaimed “mix-user” non-baker came up with a creative solution! I successfully came up with an Incredible Hulk treat for his preschool class. Ignore the fact that because of an ice storm preschool was cancelled the next day and the completed cupcakes continue to sit steadily in the freezer.

First, I whipped up some cupcakes.

Then I frosted these bad boys!

I may have tried a few one, but just to be sure they tasted okay!

Purchased a comic magazine for $2 and cut 1″ strips and 3″ triangles out of the Incredible Hulk images. I taped the 1″ strips around the base of the finished cupcakes. The 3″ triangles got taped to individual toothpicks and stuck to the top of each cupcake.

Voila – the finished product…..See, I didn’t need to know how to do fancy schmancy things, I just needed some creative inspiration!

By the way, my son was THRILLED with the result….even though he reminded me he had requested cookies instead of cupcakes! This child!


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