Level: Beginner, Time: Expect 1 hour or less

Make Kids Journal

Happy Weekend! Can you believe that Sara from Craft Snob just can’t get enough of us at Liberate Creativity! She’s back offering a wonderful kid friendly project. Read on!

Level: Beginner
Topic: Children
Time to complete Project: 1 hour or Less

This is a no sew, kid-friendly option to making a journal. What a cute, fun way to encourage your kids to write and draw. 

This is a great project to use scrap paper because it is small and useful.

Start out with the same paper dimensions as the sewn journal tutorial.

Fold both pieces of scrapbook paper in half. Place the white cut out sheets in the large folded paper. Put the small, blue paper over the large, pink paper. 

Punch 3 holes along the binding with a punch, awl, or scissors. Insert a brad into each hole and flatten. 

Don’t you think your child would love to try this? Imagine the stories they could capture with their new journal!

The Real Deal: It only cost me $0.50 to make this journal.
Go and be pretty,

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