Level: Beginner, Time: Expect 1 hour or less, Topic: Paint

Kid Art Canvas

I didn’t miss a Valentines Day, right?! That can’t be right! Well at any rate, we should celebrate love all throughout the year (good cover, right?!)
Because I’m a girl that adores “kid art”, thought I would share a recent project we came up with at home. My 4 year old Charley was quite impressed with his “mad skills” as he would say. This is a great project to get your kids involved and document their artisit ability (or lack thereof) as the years progress.
Level: Beginner
Topic: Children, Paint
Time to complete project: Expect 1 hour or less

Pick up a couple blank art canvases at your local craft store

Print “Love” with any font (pick a super fun one!) and cut out the letters to make a stencil.

Choose some acrylic paints – canvas is forgiving, so you can use just about any type of paint (or markers)

Place the cut out stencil on the bottom corner of one of the blank cavases (taping it down wouldn’t hurt either).

Choose a color and paint (use a daubing motion) the “Love” stencil. Make sure not to lift up the stencil until it’s completely painted. Since I had a watery paint, I applied 2 coats.

Once the paint is completely dry, outline your “Love” with a Sharpie marker. This helps it have cleaner lines.

Then…..turn it over to your kids! Let their painting hearts run wild! Paint away Charley, get at it!

Two-handed, eh? Quite a show-off!

These canvases turned out really fun and Charley loves to see his artwork on the walls!

Would love to see what you’re inspired to do with your kids!

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