Shower Curtain Becomes Kitchen Curtain

So, my kitchen curtains looked ridiculously drab….
Okay, maybe not that bad….but still!

I came across some amazing pieces at TJ Maxx and FELL IN LOVE!!!!! MAJOR LOVE!
Do you have a TJ Maxx in your area…uh…go there, now. Go ahead, I’ll wait….. 

The thing about this store is that you have to have patience, and NO CHILDREN with you…did you hear me, NO CHILDREN! No joke, with my husband in the car with the kids it took me TEN MINUTES to come upon these gems…..10 MINUTES!!!! If you don’t have kids then just keep reading this tutorial….if you do, bask in the gloriousness with me….I FOUND THESE GEMS IN 10 MINUTES!!!!
Okay, at any rate, so here’s what I found…..a black & white shower curtain and a lime green curtain panel.  I have recently been inspired to change up the look in my kitchen. I’m not a country-esk type of gal, but my kitchen says otherwise…did you see the fake photo above….exactly!.

So I decided buying a shower curtain (72×72”) and a 1 panel curatain would do the trick! 

I somewhat measured the curtains,as long as meausring to you means I held up the curtain and thought that half of it would do the trick! Okay, okay, I admit, I’m not much of a seamstress, but I’ve always felt like fixing the problems later is always better than planning beforehand! At any rate, I cut the fabric in half, so 36” x 13 (or so). The Wonderful thing about using already made shower curtains is that majority of the seams are already made for you! Wahoooo!!!!
Make sure the tabs are wide enough for your curtain rod and sew it up!
If you cut right you shouldn’t have any sides to sew since the shower curtain already had the sewn side seams.
To coordinate with the perfected door paneling (which I will show in a later post…ooh the anticipation is mounting!) I cut off the top of the green curtain panel (which had perfect gromets) and added to the paneling of one of the kitchen curtains (see below)…..
At any rate, I’m super excited about my Zing! Kitchen….it’s much improved!!!! Hooray!

Hope this inspires someone to cut up their shower curtain and make something else!!!! Please share with us what you come up with!


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