Ottoman Repair (Part 1)

This is my leather chair and ottoman. Not really that comfy, but it gets the job done. Initially I bought the chair thinking it was a recliner; however I quickly realized it was not (I’m pretty quick, I know!). At any rate the matching ottoman joined our family later that year and it’s been a nice addition to our family.

Well….remember the 2010 Superbowl? Well my family bleeds blue! If you’re an Indianapolis Colts fan then you understand; however if you’re not “bleeding blue” kinda sounds nasty. At any rate we’re that family who some would consider on the verge of crazy obsessed fans. Of course, we don’t consider ourselves odd, but just others may! Back to the story….the Colts unfortunately lost the Superbowl…the next morning I found my ottoman like this…

Ummm…..what exactly happened?

Oh Mitchell!!!! Needless to say my hubs and I didn’t speak about the ottoman (or the Superbowl for that matter) for months – no joke, months! So now, in 2011 I’ve taken our injured ottoman and come up with a fancy schmancy solution. Check out tomorrow’s post to see what I came up with…..I know, the anticipation is  a killer!


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