Happy Birthday Wilsonator!

My Wilson turns 1 today! Oh that little boy makes my heart literally swell. I feel privileged to be his mommy. For this reason, let’s do a GIVEAWAY! Of course, you have to scroll through my photos to show off my beautiful miracle before I tell you more! 

 Photograph courtesy of Bob Voors Photography

Seriously??!! I recognize mommies are completely unbiased when it comes to their kids, but look at this baby! He cannot stop smiling! I have truly been blessed with both of my boys.
Okay, Becky, pull it together – now for the things that everyone else cares about….
What are we giving away???!!! Wouldn’t you like to know! We’re going to do what we like to say in our a family, a “super secret fun adventure!”

All you have to do is comment at this post and let me know what you’re thankful for today. Easy-peasy, right?! Exactly! Entries will be accepted until Friday, March 4th. I will give a few hints throughout the week as to the giveaway. Secrets are sort of fun, right?!


First Hint…..

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Wilsonator!”

  1. Happy Birthday Wilson! I am thankful for miracles! And my daughter and my mother and my husband and my job and my grandkids and my sons and the list goes on and on.


  2. Happy Birthday little man! We still need to MEET you!!! :)I am thankful for baby #2 when he arrives in a few months, and for a plan to be a SAHM…someday!


  3. Happy Birthday Wilsonator! I Love You and Your Brother Charley very much and am soo Excited to come see you this weekend!!! I am very thankful for my wonderful family. PQV


  4. I am thankful for all the beautiful spring colors blooming outside and being able to sit and talk to my sister and enjoy it!dreaming-n-color.blogspot.com


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