Hutch Renovation

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I’m addicted to garage sales. I get a rush from map questing the Saturday morning sales, diet coke in hand and finding the good deals! Last summer I came across this gem for $5.00….

Did I mention $5.00!!!!! It was love at first site! It had to be mine, and with $5.00 as the price It wasn’t even fair to haggle. The seller was over the moon that someone appreciated this beauty and shared with me that it sat in his mother’s kitchen throughout his entire childhood. This was meant to be mine! And so, I brought her home and named her Hazel. 

Hazel has sat in a few different areas of my home and has finally found the correct resting spot in my kitchen. She seems happy here but needs a little spicing up. Today was the day….the day Hazel would become Hazel-licious!

Oooh, the paint color choice was difficult, but I took inspiration from my updated kitchen curtains (see here) and painted 2 coats of this ooh-lah-lah green color from Behr:

Please note: I removed all hardware prior to painting. I was not concerned with the “window” glass area, as I planned on covering that later. 

Next I racked my brain as to what super fun way I could cover the window glass area. I came up with a great idea – upholster 2 cut pieces of cardboard and VELCRO them on! This way I could change up the design whenever I wanted! BRILLIANT, right?!

Well…I chose the wrong fabric.

 The stripes were too wide for the small space. I’m including this because I think it’s important to admit that even us “crafty” people have our oops moments (and I have plenty of them!).

At any rate, I ran to Hobby Lobby and found this GORGE textured paper. YES, PAPER!

I cut it to the necessary sizes (had to make layers since the paper was 12×12 and the space was 9 1/4 inch by 32 inches). Then I sprayed the paper with adhesive, stuck it on, and voila! Perfection! 


 I absolutely adore the way this turned out! Who woulda thunk it…PAPER saved the day! Creative inspiration achieved for the day!


8 thoughts on “Hutch Renovation”

  1. Thanks Liz! It really brightens up the kitchen! Makes me think summery thoughts – which I could use right now when it's still so cold!Becky


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