St. Paddy’s Day Banner

Hi, I’m Kalleen and I blog over at Second Street. I’m a mother of four who loves making my house a home. I’ve always loved to create and design, doing it for my family in my home keeps me sane.

I especially like celebrating any and all holidays and wanted to share a how I made our St. Paddy’s banner with you.  

These banners are super simple. It only took me about 20 minutes to make this one.
*No cricut was used in the making of this banner.
Here is how I made them:
First I cut large circles from card stock, one for each letter (mine are 4-1/2″).
Then I cut circles the same size from tissue paper ( I had four layers of tissue paper).
Finally I cut and a third circle a couple inches smaller with a letter printed on it.
(I printed the letters on the card stock first then cut them out).
* I used a circle cutter to make it go fast, but you can trace bowls and such.

Scrunch all your tissue paper circles up into a ball, then smooth it out again into a flat circle.
Next I put applied glue to my first layer.

Then I placed my tissue paper on top and twisted the middle into a spiral. I did this by pinching the middle and twisting the paper. You don’t need to glue each layer of tissue paper down twisting the paper will hold it all together.

I glued the top circle into place. I cut slits with a razor blade on each side, about an inch in from the sides. Then I strung ribbon through each slit.

That’s it!

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