Level: Beginner, Time: Expect 1 hour or less, Topic: Accessories, Topic: Housewares

Zen Garden

Create your own Zen Garden with House of Hepworths.

Level: Beginner
Time:  Less than an hour, easy!
Topic: Housewares
Materials Needed:Shallow glass dish or bowl
bag of polished stones filler
three 5″ white or cream candles

This is such an easy display to put together, but it has such a huge impact! I found my glass dish from goodwill, but I’ve seen them at Michaels and Hobby Lobby.

DSCN9015 copy
Now you need your stones. I bought these at the dollar store.
The candles came from Michael’s, but Walmart has great candles too.
Get your jute or twine ready as well.

(Jute tip: Did you know that jute is crazy-cheap at Home Depot? When you buy jute get it at a hardware store. I think this bundle was about two bucks.)

Okay, now that you have your supplies, let’s put it together!

Put all three candles in the dish (remove any plastic wrappers and raffia, etc.

Now take the jute or twine and wrap it around the bundle of candles three times, then tie a knot. Once the candles are tied up, just scatter the rocks all around the candles.


Isn’t is so tranquil? I love having this on my coffee table. It actually really does have a calming affect when I look at it.
Doen’t it make you want to bust our your Yoga mat?
Are you relaxed now? Me too.
I’d love for you to stop by my blog and see some of the other fun crafts I’ve done! I also do lots of DIY projects, renovations, furniture updating, and house tweaking. Here’s a sampling of what you will find at House of Hepworths:
My Painted Soap Pump and Knife Block have been a crowd pleaser.

My #1 most viewed project on my site are my cupcakes in cones. I’d love for you to stop by and see how I made them.

I recently painted and added tons of box moulding, chair rail, and window moulding to our Formal Living aka “piano” room.

I also gave a tutorial on how to add moulding to walls with rounded corners:


Perfectly square corners just waiting for your moulding! You can find out how I did it here.
If you like these projects, you’ll love my blog. Just click the button below to check out all the fun!


Thanks Becky for having me here today!

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