Etsy Shop, Level: Beginner, Time: Expect 1 hour or less, Topic: Sewing

Fabric Coffee Cozy

How to make a fabric coffee cozy…
Instructions by: Rachael Lindsay
Level: Beginner
Time: Less than an hour
Topic: Sewing

These coffee cozies are so fun and unique. These are an absolute favorite in my Etsy store. There are so many types of fabric to use, and they can fit any personality….

I love the versatility of these coffee cozies.  If you would like some inspiration or want to buy a coffee cozy for your friends… please feel free to stop by ExtraBaggageBoutique

Grab a paper coffee cozy from your favorite coffee shop to use for your pattern.  Find a few fabric scraps from old projects to make this item even more eco-friendly. You will need to tear apart the coffee cozy at the glue site to make it useful as your pattern. 

Line up your fabric choices to make the cutting process easier.
It is best to use a printed fabric piece for the outside of the cozy and a solid fabric piece for the inside of the cozy.

Using a rotary cutter, cut around your paper coffee cozy pattern. It is best to give yourself 1/4” seam allowance on the edge of the coffee cozy pattern. Your coffee cozy will measure approximately 3” x 10” when cut out. You will also want to cut out a liner for the inside of your coffee cozy. Make the liner the same size as your fabric pieces. Pin all three pieces together.

Place your fabric pieces face side in with the liner on the outside.  It doesn’t make a difference if you place the liner on the fabric you are using for the inside or the outside. You will need an elastic band at this point in the sewing process. Place the elastic band in-between the interior and exterior fabric. You want to leave part of the elastic band extending out from where you are sewing (see photo). Sew along the edge of the coffee cozy leaving a space of 2-3 inches to turn the coffee cozy inside out.

Snip off the end of the elastic band. Turn the coffee cozy inside out. Iron out the winkles from the coffee cozy. Pin your fabric edges from the 2-3 inch space left from earlier. Line up the coffee cozy on the sewing machine and run a continuous stitch along the outer edge of your coffee cozy.
The last step is sewing on your button. Measure 2-3 inches from outer edge and this is the spot the button will be. Hand sew your button to your coffee cozy.

These are the steps to making an awesome, eco-friendly coffee cozy. These are so easy to throw in your purse or put in your pocket on a walk to your favorite coffee shop. Please visit my Etsy shop for more fun and unique coffee cozies! 

Happy Sewing!

25 thoughts on “Fabric Coffee Cozy”

  1. Sawdust and Paperscraps….you had me at hello! "Shut the front door" is one of my fav sayings, as well as "Hot Mess" and "Smallerize" – I think we're soulmates!Super cute tutorial – love the idea!


  2. I love this and have been wondering how to make them so they fit perfectly around the cup. I never thought of using the cardboard sleeve as a pattern, duh! Thanks for the tutorial. 🙂


  3. wonder if this would work using velcro instead of a button? I'm thinking I'd probably always be bugged by the button. Hey…bugged by the button…that sounds like a new song!!


    1. I would be afraid that the velcro stick to my purse or pocket linig and that would be frustrating I bought a pattern a few yrs ago and its a tube style. Its great .


  4. I'd like to use velcro as well…EVERYONE gets one of those next Christmas. I just bought a couple at Tim Hortons and spend $3 on each of them. I have tons of fabric scraps that will be perfect.


  5. I am going to use the same thing for the center lining that I use on bags. It's stiff enough, but also pliable…make sense? I can't remember the name, but every fabric store probably has their own "NAME" for it.


  6. Great idea!!! How about an insulated lining, like for hot pads. That's the purpose for the holder in the first place. And, I like the velcro idea too, first thing I though of. Yep, next Christmas for sure.


  7. Agreed! I have made pot holders for Christmas presents and using the insulated fabric was easy peasy! This would certainly add extra comfort…..great idea and thanks for stopping by!-


  8. I to have the lining question. I just got back from Joann’s where I shopped there remains bin and got some elastic…But I didn’t think about it needing something on the inside to block the heat…humm. I have fleece and felt. Maybe one of those will work!


  9. Thank you for this awesome tutorial, I now have a bunch of really cute homeade gifts for all my kids teachers! I am putting them on a starbucks cup with a gift card inside and wrapping them in Christmas cellophane, super cute!!!!


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  11. To make this pattern fit any mug size stitch in a series of buttons to fit the appropriate mug size – spaced out
    What do you think. 😁


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