Level: Beginner, Time: Expect 1-4 hours, Topic: Paint

Chalkboard Train Track Table

Level: Beginner
Time: 1-4 Hours
Topic: Paint, Repurpose

On Charley’s 2nd birthday I was insistent that we get him a train table! For goodness sakes, he adored the one at our pediatrician’s office, so of course he would love one at home, right?! WRONG! Charley has spent zero to little time with this train table – mainly because we bought a double-story track that had to be glued and screwed to the table to be able to stick together….that made him mad! He wanted to be able to change things around. So I had hope that Wilson would use it…..not yet, but he’s only 1, so I continue to hold up hope! Instead of freecycling the whole thing, I came up with a great idea – MOMMY-ReDO!!!!!

Photo of train Before

 Mommy got to rip all the glue off (thanks to Daddy for making it EXTRA sturdy!) and remove screws – ugh!

 Now there is a clean surface. Prepare it by wiping it clean, and sanding lightly to allow for the paint to stick really well.

 I LOVE Valspar Chalkboard paint! Totally recommend it! Super easy to use and I’ve always had success.

 After 3 solid coats of paint…..see the completed project….

 Now, the boys can draw their own tracks and roads, trees and houses! They’re having a blast! 

I sewed up a quick chalk holder for the front of the table as well – it holds wet wipes so they can erase and create new tracks at their choosing.

Hope this helps with some inspiration for the day!

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