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At Home WIth Handmade Books – Review

I just received a copy of Erin Zamrzla’s newest book At Home With Handmade Books (Released TODAY!!!!) I couldn’t wait to throw it open it and be overcome with creative inspiration. I wasn’t dissapointed!

The Breakdown
Zamrzla’s book is filled with 190 pages of bookbinding projects. The Table of Contents is separated by the “type” of book binding techniques (i.e.: Accordian books, Flutter Books, Four-Hole Binding, Yamato Binding, etc.). Zamrzla goes further to give a brief history of the various bookbinding techniques. The lack of index at the end of the book goes unnoticed mainly because the Table of Contents does an excellent job of directing the reader. At the end of the book there is a Resources page, to help us locate the materials needed. I adore she included a photo and short bio at the back as I’m always intrigued what the author looks like. I’m not weird, come on, you wonder too, right?! Okay, maybe it’s just me.

Project Details
28 unique projects fill this how-to book. Templates are included for the projects, so you can easily photocopy (or trace) the designs. Zanrzla does an excellent job of breaking down each project and goes into thorough explanation on the execution creating your very own. . Bookbinding can be a tricky technique to master, but reading through the book truly made me feel like these projects were all within my novice reach.

My Favs about this book
I appreciated the fact that all of the materials and tools needed are easy to find at any hardware or crafting store – I mean, who wants to have to locate (and buy!) an obscure tool that you’ll use for one project, right?! Also, the Photography is beautiful. The entire book has a calm nature about it with photos that accentuate each project.

Big Gulp….Anything I would change about the book
Listen, I’m opinionated and generally have plenty to say about what I would change about this and that, but honestly, I wouldn’t make any changes. What? Becky’s speechless? Write this date down.

I certainly recommend this book to add to your crafting inspiration collection. Erin Zamrzla’s book At Home with Handmade Books is available April 12th – TODAY!!!!

Okay, okay, I adore this book – let’s do a GIVEAWAY! I will give 2 copies of this book away.

To enter giveaway:
Comment below answering the question: Who would be the recipient of your first bookbinding project?

**Get an extra entry if you Tweet this post (just put an extra comment that you did so please).

This giveaway will end Saturday, April 16th….gosh, TWO giveaways in one week??? I must be in a good mood! Enter the other one here.

10 thoughts on “At Home WIth Handmade Books – Review”

  1. My first bookbinding project would go to me because there's sure to be something wrong with it, but my second one would go to my mother who would forget her head if it weren't screwed on and desperately needs something handy for her purse to write things in.


  2. I've been binding books for almost a year now, but there is SOOO much to learn. i'm so excited about this book!! I have a friend who is an aspiring writer, so I'd likely gift a project to her 🙂


  3. Great question! Hm, I know my husband's grandmother likes to write notes and such. I think she would appreciate one! Thanks for the giveaway!


  4. The first book I'd bind would go to my 12 year old daughter, who loves to make lists and drawings, and who wants to be a writer when she grows up!


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