Giveaway Winner – Bookbinding Journal

Congrats to the winners of At Home with Handmade Books by Erin Zamrzla!

The winners this time are: 

Erin said…

Great question! Hm, I know my husband’s grandmother likes to write notes and such. I think she would appreciate one! Thanks for the giveaway!

Stephanie said…

my son who is 4 and loves to draw and make art.

Erin & Stephanie, Please email becky@liberatecreativity.com with your mailing address and the books will be mailed from the publishing company.

Thanks to Random.org for choosing our 2 winners!

1 thought on “Giveaway Winner – Bookbinding Journal”

  1. Oh how fun! I just fehsinid a 2+2 blouse a couple days ago. Today I’m sewing the hopscotch knit top to go with a lazy days skirt I made. In line are: 2 Jump Rope Dresses, Music Class Skirt to match the 2+2 blouse, Sailboat pants and matching 2+2 blouse, Tea Party Dress as a jumper in japanese import canvas, and the Music Box Dress view A without flaps in brocade for a formal dance. Oh – and probably a couple of nature walk tops. I better get off the computer and get sewing!


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