Software for Crafters

Alexis Bonari is a freelance writer and researcher for College Scholarships, where recently she’s been researching pediatric scholarships as well as the ever popular pell grant. In her spare time, she enjoys square-foot gardening, swimming, and avoiding her laptop.
Alexis contacted me asking if she could share some great online tools for creative folks….oh, look – I have LOTS of those people! Hope you enjoy some “techy” information.

Software for Crafters
Crafters are more the creative type then the tech-savvy type. But there are a number of great software programs that can offer inspiration for crafters, provide basic tutorials or patterns, help crafters create their own patterns and designs, or even help crafters better organize their business efforts, including expenses and sales. Here are a few of our favorites:
http://digitalfire.com/index.htmlThe Magic of Fire
“Slay the glaze dragon” with this software and formulate, adjust, and maintain the physical, mineralogical, and chemical properties of glazes and clay materials. The software will help you identify weaknesses in the glaze and make adjustments, or create your own glazes from scratch.

http://www.knittingsoftware.com/Knitting Software
Several software programs are available on this site, including the Sweater Wizard, Stitch and Motif
Maker, Sock Wizard, Swatch Wizard, Hat Wizard, Buttonhole Wizard, and Mitten Glove Wizard. The programs are designed for the hand knitter and guide you through specific projects.

http://www.tilecreator.com/ Tile Creator
Create glass mosaic tile designs on your home computer with this software. Use it to create murals, wall coverings, mirror frames and stepping stones. Just import your image, choose your colors, set your parameters, and the software creates the pattern for you.

http://www.dfly.com/glasseye.htmlGlass Eye 2000
This software promises to help you create designs for stained-glass windows that are “easier to view and edit than any pencil and paper drawing.” Easily manipulate your drawing by resizing, realigning, and ensuring symmetry. You can also play with color and lead widths to make adjustments.

http://www.stitchcraft.com.au/Stitch Craft
Create Cross Stitch projects, tapestry, rugs or other grid-based needlework projects with this program. Use the easy photo conversion feature, choose from up to 1,000 thread colors, and pick from dozens of stitch types. Three different versions of the software is available, based on your needs.

http://www.quiltpro.com/Quilt Pro
Quilt Pro offers a number of programs for quilters, including the comprehensive Quilt Pro software,Strip-Piecing Wizard, Triangle Magic, Foundation Factory and specific pattern programs. The Quilt Pro software allows users to create quilts with eight different layout styles or to draw their own blocks. Users can also choose from over 2,500 blocks and preview piecing charts, templates and yardage information.

http://www.wildginger.com/Wild Ginger
Use this software to create your own professional patterns for fashion design. Choose from several different programs to suit your needs, and create your own designs, patterns, and prints.

http://www.plasticcanvassoftware.com/default.htmThe Plastic Canvas Design Studio
Import photos or your own designs and convert them into patterns for your plastic canvas projects. The software also includes tutorials for beginners who or those that need a refresher.

http://www.rexancrafts.com/Rexan’s Craft Organizer
Can’t remember where you put that pattern? Don’t remember the next step to take in your current project? This program can help you organize all your files, patterns, instructions, photos, and more. You can also create contracts and receipts if you decide to sell your crafts.

http://www.peacepattern.info/designer-software/Friendship Bracelet Design Software
This free, downloadable knitting software offers patterns, tips, and tricks for designing your own friendship bracelets. Choose your colors, the number of threads, and the number of rows.

4 thoughts on “Software for Crafters”

  1. WOW, I didn't know that these existed. I could use some organization in my crafting, I can't wait to check these out! Thanks for the information!!!


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