Level: Beginner, Time: Expect 1-4 hours, Topic: Furniture, Topic: Housewares

Bathroom Door Revamp

Bathroom Door Revamp!

Level: Beginner
Time: Expect 1-4 Hours
Topic: Housewares

This is our Bathroom door. This Bathroom is attached to our Kitchen. It’s not very sound-proof….like, at all!  
So I thought I could maybe “sound-proof” it a bit, plus make it cuter…

I found these shower/panel curtains at TJ Maxx recently. With these curtains I created my Kitchen curtains….but no worries, I had leftovers! HOORAY!

 First off, my friend Jason (Hubby of my friend August from Fit Moms Fit Kids) cut a piece of plywood to fit the upper half of my kitchen bathroom door. Thanks Jason!

I then placed a piece of thin batting and a piece of fabric on the plywood. Then, I got to GET OUT THE STAPLEGUN! WOOT! WOOT! Any chance I get to use tools I’m elated!

(Pull the fabric taut when stapling – keep checking the bottom side to make sure there are no wrinkles).

 I had a helper along the way…..Thanks Wilsonator!

 Once you’ve stapled all sides the front should look similar to this:

 To make a “sign” for the door I cut off the bottom of a baby formula can and used etched letters that you simply “scratch” the letters to transfer them to the metal.

 One side says “Open”, while the other side says “Occupied, keep your pants on”

 I stapled a few strips of ribbon to add a little spice, and hold some photos if it suits your taste.

Voila! It’s such a cuter door now, plus we won’t hear people taking a potty break while we’re hanging out in the kitchen!

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