Meet Persis from Miles of Style

Q: Tell us a little about yourself
A: I always find it difficult to talk about myself.  I guess I can start off by saying that I’m a business graduate, working full time with my husband in his business. I’m also a qualified fashion designer and write a blog called Miles Of Style, where I share all that I admire in fashion, design and photography. It’s a busy life but I love what I do and cherish every moment in life.

Q: What events/people helped inspire you to be an artist?
A: Growing up, I was always artistically inclined and loved drawing and painting. While I opted to study business management in college my parents encouraged me to pursue a fashion designing diploma course on the side. This sort of set the ball rolling for me as I gained a lot of knowledge as well as confidence in my own creative abilities. Post marriage, it is my husband who encourages me and backs all my creative ventures. He’s extremely proud of blog & is the biggest driving force in my life.

Q: What fuels your creativity?
A: Much of my inspiration comes from my travels. My favourite place to travel is Europe – it has a strange hold on me. I love absorbing the rich culture, architecture, style and way of life that is uniquely European and hard to find anywhere else. One my favourite things to do in Europe is to sit at one of the many outdoor cafes and people watch.
I’m also a surf-oholic. The talent, creativity and inspiration I come across everyday while surfing the net leaves me totally awe-inspired.

Q: What’s your quirkiest attribute?
A: Ummm…I’m very good at imitating people and I tend to mimic a lot of our friends and family in front of my hubby. It cracks him up completely.

Q: What is the one thing you must have on hand at all times?
A: I’m a compulsive list maker so I’d say my planner. If an idea comes into my head I HAVE TO note it down immediately. When I don’t have a pen or paper with me I type it on my cell phone and text it to myself. I’m also fairly addicted to my lip balm as well.

Q: What would you say to someone who says they’re not creative?
A: Since creativity cannot be taught, I think everyone is creative in their own way. Some people are very good at expressing their creativity through different forms of arts while some are just happy letting it reside within themselves.

Q: What project/s do you currently have on your plate?
A: My work, home and blog take up most of my time these days. Also according to my husband, I’m always planning my next BIG vacation…so yes, my plate is definitely full and I’m very happy and thankful for it.

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