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The Craf "tee" Tote

Seriously, I’m completely humbled and pumped that Megan from Brassy Apple agreed to make a guest appearance here! I have been a follower for years, and to be perfectly honest, I don’t think she realizes how completely uber talented she is! Megan was given a crazy gift of creativity, and it shows in her work! She’s posting such a great project, so make sure to enjoy!


The craf”tee” tote 
 a total DIY refashioned/upcycled handbag
(can be made with any size tee or hoops. But here’s the measurements and sizes I used)

1 t-shirt for the handbag (used yellow youth tee size 10-12)
1 Embroidery hoop set (2 rings) mine where about 9″ – handles
Ribbon (5 1/4 yards)
glue gun
sewing machine
2 large grommets
misc embellishments – buttons, zippers, fabric, tshirt scraps, etc. 

Step 1: Turn the tshirt you are using for the main handbag inside out and lay flat. Fold in half lengthwise. Round the bottom by cutting only the bottom hemline about about 5 inches up the side.

Cut a diagonal line few inches under the arm to the middle of the tshirt. Open and lay flat.

My shirt ending up measuring about 17.5 inches from top point to bottom. Turn right side out.

Step 2: Embellish! Cut out shapes from fabric lay out in a design you like, pin and sew. Add ruffles, rosettes, buttons, sequins, etc.

Step 3: Once it is embellished turn right side out. Pin the bottom edge rounded edge together and sew closed with your sewing machine. 

Step 4: Handles – Wrap each embroidery hoop with wide ribbon. Use hot glue to secure the end and wrap tightly overlapping the ribbon. Every few inches add another drop of hot glue to keep the ribbon in place and from unraveling. 

Step 5: Attaching the handles – Lay out the purse and fold back the top. Place the handle so there is about 3 1/2 – 4″ from the handle to the top point.

 Add a small running bead of hot glue to the handle and fold the fabric over it.This will help the fabric from bunching up to tightly and keep it spread out wide. Repeat on the opposite side with the other handle.

Step 6: Finishing – To keep the folded triangle piece around the handle in place and add some extra design interest, add a large grommet to the center under each handle.

and you are done! My total cost was $3.75!

thanks Becky!

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