Level: Beginner, Time: Expect 1-4 hours

Egg-Cellent Strand of Festive Lights

How many extra plastic Easter Eggs do you have lying around???? Geez oh peat, we reuse them year after year; however we seriously need like 20 for next year….not hundreds! I’ve come up with a couple great projects to reuse these plastic gems! Seriously, you’ll want to check this out!

Level: Beginner
Time: 1-4 Hours
Topic: Repurpose

First, separate the eggs into various sizes and shapes. Once separated I took 20 eggs (tops & bottoms) to the garage and got to work.

Cut a slit into each egg on one side from the bottom to the top (see photo below). Be careful, but some are trickier than others – don’t sweat it if you get a crack, it won’t matter.

Once each egg half is cut, sand the egg-halves enough to make the surface a tad rough (this allows the paint to stick).

Next you will need to spray paint the outside of each egg (or leave unpainted for a more summery, festive look!). Allow the first coat to dry and spray a second coat.

Once dry, attach the egg-halves to each individual lightbulb on the strand (see photo below).

Voila – what super cute fun lights – add to your deck for your next dinner party, hang them for a birthday party, in a kids play room, for wedding decorations, etc. – what a great way to repurpose plastic eggs!

Tomorrow I will show the next fun project using plastic eggs….

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