Egg-straordinary Mosaic Wall Decor

Okay, so check this out…..another great idea to repurpose all those plastic easter eggs we have lying around. Remember Monday’s post of the Strand of Lights made from plastic eggs? Well, today we’re making some Art Decor…..super egg style!
Level: Intermediate
Time: Who Knows!
Topic: Repurpose, Home Decor
Supplies Needed:
Plastic Eggs
Sandpaper (150 grid)
Spray Paint (Valspar Plastic paint is best)
Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
Wine (or beer), optional
Step 1:
Determine what image you would like to mosaic on your canvas. For mine

 I freehanded a tree shape (simple circle for the top and rectangle for the trunk).
Step 2:
Gather all your cazillions of plastic easter eggs (any size is fine)

Step 3:
Separate your eggs into your desired color scheme. For example, for the top of the tree I used various greens (approximately 12 eggs), for the trunk I used various oranges (approximately 10 eggs) and for the background I used various colored eggs but spray painted them black (directions on Step 5).
Step 4:
For the eggs that you do not want or need to spray paint, simply begin cutting! There is no right or wrong here – cut as big or as little as you’d like. I kept my green pieces in triangle shapes and my trunk in rectangle shapes, but use your imagination.
Step 5:
Step 5 & 6 are ONLY For any eggs you decide to spray paint
Using 150 grid, sand each egg until it’s no longer shiny (this is where the first glass of wine should begin) – it’s not a tough job, just tedious.

Note: It’s always a good idea to have an inspector of your paint job to certify you haven’t missed any spots (4 year olds work perfect for this!)

Step 6:

Using Valspar’s Plastic paint, Spray paint each sanded half of the easter egg (don’t worry about sanding or painting the insides of the eggs). It helps to have a helper inspect your painting job to be sure you covered everything thoroughly. Once dried, you can cut the egg halves up into mosaic pieces (as described in Step 4).
Step 7:
Once all your eggs are cut, you’re ready to start creating your artwork! Think of this as a puzzle – using your glue gun, begin gluing pieces down. Once again there’s no right or wrong in this process. If you decide you don’t love how it’s looking have no fear, the pieces come up fairly easily from the glue gun.
Step 8: Pour another glass of wine! For the background I cut tiny rectangles which I loved the result, but it certainly took a bit of time.
Final Step: Once you’ve completed your gluing, inspect your piece and pull off any icky strands of glue – should come right off!
Enjoy – can’t wait to see what you come up!
Get Inspired Today,

3 thoughts on “Egg-straordinary Mosaic Wall Decor”

  1. This is a great idea. You could do so many kinds of things with it. The colors of the eggs lend this project to all kinds of kid wall art.


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