Get to Know Mary Janes And Galoshes

Have you been to Mary Janes and Galoshes yet? If not, you need to check out this site! Taylor Ballweg is amazingly talented. I’m stoked to have her here today sharing insight into her life, lessons and personality! Thanks so much for joining us today Taylor!

Q:Tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Taylor Ballweg.  I was lucky enough to meet my husband and constant support in high school.  We have three kids three and under!  Twins in the mix, they add up quickly 🙂  I have a BA in business (boring) but I’m an artist and looking forward to a career in photography because I FINALLY decided what I want to be when I grow up!

Q:  What events and/or people have led you to become an artist?
A: My mother has definitely encouraged my artistic side since I was very little.  I’m an only child and she was a nanny when I was a kid so we did a lot of art projects together all day long.  When I was in kindergarten I entered a drawing contest and won first prize (which was a ton of books for my school library).  The girl who took second was in third grade so I was elated to get a blue ribbon.  I remember being in awe of her drawing and thinking “how the heck did I win this thing?”.  Every art teacher I’ve had along the way encouraged me and my knack for artsy things.   By the end of my Sophomore year of high school I had taken every art class offered.  So my school agreed to send me to a community college half days to continue art courses for the rest of my high school years.

Q: How do you come up with your creative ideas?
A: My creative ideas come from everything around me!  Things usually just pop into my head when I’m looking at something.  Maybe a new use for a product or a way to recycle something into something new.  I’m also known to find hidden pictures in everything (like even blank paper).  I just see things that way!

Q:  What’s your quirkiest attribute?
A: My quirkiest attribute.  What a funny question 🙂  I don’t see myself as quirky, but I don’t allow socks in bed and I don’t walk over street grates.  Both of which drive my husband nuts.  I will walk into the road to avoid a sewer grate if I have to.  (but only the ones you can see through, I’m not completely crazy LOL).

Q: What would you say to someone who says they aren’t creative?
A: I get that it comes easier to some than others, I do.   But I think the ability to create things is in everyone.  If you can follow directions you can create anything.  You would be surprised to find all the original ideas that come of starting out following directions for something entirely different!

Q: Where are your items available for sale?
A: I have a severely neglected etsy shop, tayloredarts.etsy.com.  Right now (remember I mentioned I just decided I want to be a photographer) I’m concentrating on learning the photography world and putting all my energy in sharing how to’s for everything I create on my bloghttp://www.maryjanesandgaloshes.com/

Q: What project/s do you currently have on your plate?
A: Currently I’m reading everything I can about natural light portrait photography.  I’m swapping a lot of my blog reading time from craft blogs to photography blogs.  I’m also gearing up for a huge project I’m planning this summer.  Sorry to be mysterious, you will have to come over to my place and wait for the big announcement as to who I’m working with this summer! 

Thanks for having me over!  Stop over and say hello sometime! 

1 thought on “Get to Know Mary Janes And Galoshes”

  1. Good elxmpae. Going with the flow means to flow with spirit, or to flow with universal energy. There is no such thing as an accident, as all events have a catalyzing impetus of directed energy, such as you forgetting your shoes. On another level, (subconscious or super-conscious), your shoes were purposefully left behind so force a change in your conscious intentions. Higher self will sometimes create very dramatic events if we refuse to ever find our “universal flow”.Blessings,John


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