Level: Beginner, Time: Expect 1-4 hours, Topic: Housewares

Dry Erase Possibilities!

Have you ever tried Dry Erase paint? Okay, seriously, you should. Recently I completed a couple easy-peasy projects using this amazing paint…..

1. Dry Erase “Idea” board for my craft room
2. “Menu” board for my kitchen

Level: Beginner
Topic: Housewares
Time: Expect 1-4 Hours
The steps are so simple it barely needs a tutorial. What I would say is FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS ON THE CAN. Did you get that part that was in ALL CAPS????? Serioulsy, the paint will not cure accurately if you don’t….how do I know this? Well silly, it’s of course because I felt I was above the actual directions the first go around…didn’t work out so spiffy!
At any rate, pick your project….
These are the products I used…can be puchased at any hardware store.
I painted a surface on my wall (to allow for a frame to be fitted aroud it…see the next photo).
I used an old art frame I found in my garage, but you can also build one yourself, or puchase one at any reputable craft store….
I then painted it….
I adore purple!!!!
Once the paint was dry I nailed it onto the wall, and Voila, a dry erase “IDEA” board had emerged!
But then…because I had extra paint left over (and it “expires” after 2 hours) I decided to paint my basement door that is in my kitchen….felt like it was the perfect spot for weekly menus, as well as a surface for my kids to create “reusable” artwork….
Turned out to be a pretty great investment! Give this paint a try and let me know your thoughts!

4 thoughts on “Dry Erase Possibilities!”

  1. This would be great for the never-ending grocery list. Ya know, as you run out of something, just jot it down on the inside of a cabinet (well-hidden!) Thanks for sharing!!


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