Level: Beginner, Time: Expect 1 hour or less, Topic: Paint

Chalkboard Wine Glasses

Level: Beginner
Time: Less than an hour
Topic: Painting

Okay, I love wine. I’ve said it….the secret is out! Since I’ve shared it with you all, you should know my newest ideas…..let’s forget those wine charms and introduce some easy-peasy labels…..no one wants to lose their wine glass at a party for goodness sakes!

Step 1: Gather your wine glasses

Step 2: Gather your supplies:

Wine Glasses
Chalkboard Paint

Step 3: Spread first coat of chalkboard paint on the base of the wine glasses. let dry.

Step 4 & 5 : Spread the next 2 layers of chalkboard paint on the basese of the glasses (allow 20-30 minutes between each coat).

Step 6: Allow product to dry for 24 hours.

Step 7:  Write the name(s) of your guests on the wine glasses….perfect way to enjoy the evening and not lose sight of your drink!


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