ETI Funky Fun Tray

So I was offered a great opportunity to use Envirotex Lite….I came up with a super fun idea to use an old tv tray we had lying around.

Supplies needed:
Envirotex Lite
Stir Stick
Fabric napkin (or cut fabric to appear as napkin)
Cutting Mat
Rotary Cutter
Cutting Ruler
Glue Glun
Glue Sticks
TV Tray
Sanpaper (120 grid)
Let’s get it started…..
Step 1: Sand down the tray to ensure that the paint will stick to the tray.
Step 2: Paint the tray – I used 3 coats

What it looks like after 1st coat…..

After 3rd coat…..

Step 3: Glue the napkin, Fork, Spoon & Knife on the tray….

Step 4: Mix epoxy (make sure to READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS first….no seriously…read it!) and pour onto prepared tray.

Allow to set for 72 hours……and Voila! A super fun tray for the kiddos!


ETI sent me this product to try out. You won’t believe all that you can do with this product.  Envirotex Lite was created by Environmental Technologies Inc. (ETI), which is the home for many resin and mold making products.

The use of resin in jewelry making, mixed media and paper arts continues to grow in popularity. Today, artists are using ETI’s products in many crafty ways and they will be showcasing these works of art on their new blog “Resin Crafts”.
Check them out on:
Resin Crafts Blog
ETI on Facebook
ETI on Twitter

6 thoughts on “ETI Funky Fun Tray”

  1. In one project you state that you have to “seal” over fabric or paper with Mod Podge before coating with Envirotex (the chevron table project). Yet here you don’t do that. Is there a reason?


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