Summer Banner

Hi, I’m Becky from Liberate Creativity. I’m super excited to be visiting Lipstick and Laundry today! Jen and I had this idea of swapping Summer Banner ideas, so here it goes. Be sure to check out both our tutorials to get some super fun creative inspiration!

My banner was inspired by my fav summer items….Hot Dogs, Flowers and Flip Flops!

Supplies Needed:
Felt (various colors)
Embrodiery Floss (Variety colors)
Ribbon (Approximately 1 full roll)
Sewing machine (optional)

I choose a few “clip-art” pictures from Microsoft word of my fav summer items (see below for example, but use your own to exemplify your own summer banner creativity!)

Step 2:
Cut felt pieces from your chosen clip art pieces.
Step 3:
Sew (by hand) embroidery floss through each chosen piece of your summer garland. I used a straight stich; however you could also use the sewing maching to make it a much quicker process.
Step 4:
Pin each completed felt piece to a strip of selected ribbon and sew on.

Hang the garland and enjoy! Feel summery and wonderful all season long. Ooh, maybe I’ll pull mine out in the dreary winter to remind me that Summer does actually exist! Thanks again Jen for letting me visit!

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