Scooby Dooby Doo!

I’m recovering from Scooby Doo overload! Our 5 year old’s birthday party was yesterday and I thought I would share a few fun ideas I came up with for the 25 kids invited….yes, 25! I know this may automatically place me in the cookoo corner; however my feeling is the bigger the better…plus, it’s only 3 hours! These straws were the hit of the party (kids and adults alike)! I simply googled “Scooby Doo” images and printed off a sheet of each image. I cut two small slits and wove the straws through. Ta-da, super fun straws!

Now….the kiddos certainly need beverages!
For our “mystery drink” I purchased packs of juices (the dollar store had these bad boys without any labels, so it was perfect!). I created a quick label, snipped them down to size, glued them on and Voila…..Mystery Drinks for all! (Originally I used elmers glue, which left the paper to wrinkle a bit…next time I will definitely use double sided sticky tape).

Another fun idea was printing an extra large sized coloring page for the kids! I googled “Scooby Doo Coloring page” and got a ton of choices! Then I took it to get printed and for $10 got a 36×42 sized gigantic coloring page! I taped it to a piece of cardboard, threw some crayons down and left it on the deck for the kids to play. This was especially enjoyable for the littler kids who couldn’t always keep up with the 5 year olds running around.

On the next post I will show you the games we played as well as how I made some simple appetizers displayed in a super cute way!

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