Zoinks! Even More Scooby Doo Ideas!

I hope yesterday’s  Scooby Doo Doo post inspired you a bit when planning your next festivity. I also wanted to show you what game we played as well as a cute display for an easy peasy appetizer.

Charley insisted there be a “mystery” at the party. So I came up with a plan that when the kids were outside playing musical chairs (to the tune of Scooby Doo of course!) the presents would be disappear! At the end of the musical chairs game I said “Okay guys, it’s time to open presents!” Everyone cheered and bolted to the presents table. The table was EMPTY! There was a clue printed
out along with a handful of large magnifying glasses (found at the dollar store).
When I created the clues I simply saved them as jpg documents and had them printed at our local Walgreens. The clues looked like this:

Clue #3 led the kids to our van, which was pulled onto our yard. The back had a large ribbon trailing out of it and the kids were busting at the seams to get in there to see if they had solved the mystery! Sure enough, the “monster” had tried stealing the presents, but luckily the meddling kids saved the day before he could drive away! Since it was beautiful outside we had everyone sit right where they were to open gifts.

To be perfectly honest this mystery game was the highlight of the party! The kids were super excited and loved the entire thing! Now I just have to come up with something for next year….Ugh!

Another fun item at the party was a cute veggie tray. I cannot remember where I saw a similar idea, but I put veggie dip at the bottom of clear cups and placed veggies in. Super great way for people to walk around and not have a wobbly plate! I also put my cupcake stand to great use……

Have a great day! Scooby out!

2 thoughts on “Zoinks! Even More Scooby Doo Ideas!”

  1. so creative – I love scavenger hunts!!! veggie tray/cupcake tray…..love even more: beautifully large items that serve more than one purpose! great ideas….keep 'em coming!


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