Change Up Your Kids Winter Hats









My boys winter hats get a little boring over the season, so I came up with a fun snazzy set-up for a cool kid! Why not have 1 hat that can alterate its look?!!! I found a dollar store grey hat, sewed some velcro to the front and came up with a few designs that can be “stuck” to the front of the hat….check it out!…..




Level: Beginner
Time: 1 hour or less (Depending upon how many designs you make of course!)
Topic: Kids, Accessories

I sewed a 1 1/2 inch piece of velcro to the front of the hat…..
I then selected some felt colors that coordinated with the hat…..(grey, red, gold, black)
To remind myself what a turkey looks like I thought it important to check out some clip-art!
I cut out pieces of felt to create a turkey. Oh how I wish I could give you a “print-out”; however it was simply a liberal cut-out masterpiece….LIVE BIG! TRY IT OUT! You could impress yourself!

I Cut out 6 turkey feathers, 1 body, 1 head, 1 gobble gobble. (the eyes are made from dots of fabric paint).

I placed a “goop” of paint for each piece to hold them in place.

 This is the velcro I used on each piece.

 Oh look…..I’m SEWING…..so creative!

 So what if my 5 year old finds the turkey concoction lame???? Oh yes, I have a back-up! Came up with a cute “C” (for Charley)…..pretty simple and fun….plus, he’ll love it because he’ll feel like a superhero!

(Once again, cut out a rounded square and a “C” freestyle)

Adhered the velcro on the back of the Superhero C…..

Get inspired today,


4 thoughts on “Change Up Your Kids Winter Hats”

  1. Thanks Erin! Charley was super stoked this morning when he saw it! He chose to wear the "C" this morning but told me that he needed to save the turkey one for Thanksgiving!There are lots of different ideas I'm coming up with that can be swapped out! Wilson was jealous he didn't have one…..guess I know what I'll be doing tonight!-Becky


  2. It's true, a set of family hats could be a blast! We could do a whole "Super Hero" family set which could be great! Good idea……great, just what I needed, more projects right before the holidays! :)-Becky


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