Time: Expect 1-4 hours, Topic: Accessories

Santa Mailbox

So….for some of us Santa will come on Christmas Eve, the kids will leave a note for Santa with some cookies on the table, go fast asleep (We hope!) and in the morning run down the stairs to find presents under the tree! The whole thing is quite magical for them…so let’s make it a bit MORE magical!

What about a special “Santa Mailbox” where the kiddos can send notes to Santa, AND Santa can send messages back???? Oooh, how fun! Here’s what I did!

Level: Intermediate
Time: Expect 1-4 hours
Topic: Holiday, Accessories

I cut off the “head” of the coat rack and followed these steps…..”

Next, I found a paper mache mailbox at Hobby Lobby….
(Granted, I could’ve created one from an oatmeal box and some cardboard, but this thing was $4.99 with a 40% coupon…come on!)…..

The bottom of the mailbox and top of the coat rack needed to be “bonded” together, so I did that with a simple screw and screwdriver.

Next Step…let’s cover the coat rack!…..

Make sure to coat the ribbon with lots of Mod Podge on the base as well as the top coat.

Next step….Let’s cover the base of the paper mache mailbox:

I found some handwritten notes to Santa (with a litttle help, I suppose….)

When my boys leave a letter for Santa they put the flag up….the next morning it’s down…which means it was “sent” to Santa!!!! Christmas morning the flag is back UP with a note from Santa, and they’re THRILLED!!!!

This is a wonderful tradition to start with your family! Hope this inpired you today!

Get inspired today,

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