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Stitch by Stitch: Review

Today I received “Stitch by Stitch: Learning to Sew, One Project at a Time,” a 223 page book by Deborah Moebes that was just re-released and am so excited to share it with you! This wire bound hardcover book even comes with a cd filled with patterns and guides!

My First Impression…This book has an overall vintage feel, with pages that appear as if they may have texture. Instantly I was impressed when the author Moebes stated “I want you to be motivated and excited to keep going, and I want you to have results that you can show off right away” (p. 9). This is my kind of book! Moebes points out in her intro that this book is intended for beginners as well as skilled sewers, which in my opinion is a great way to go…’s always great to have good refreshers of the basics, while still targeting skilled projects.
The Breakdown…
This book has a very thorough detailed introduction listing materials and supplies needed. Not only does she list the materials, Moebes gets very involved as to why these materials are needed to make your projects as successful as possible.

Stitch by Stitch is broken into two parts (Intro, the first 72 pages and Projects, the remaining 120+ pages) and subdivided further into five chapters (1. Get the Goods, Tools & Materials, 2. You and your machine, 3. Fabric a Primer, 4. Basic Projects Home Decor and Personal Style & 5. Varsity Lessons Sewing Clothes). The end of the book pleasantly offers resources, and index and the bonus cd!

If you’re looking for a book that covers all topics concerning sewing you’ve got it here! Buttons, reading commercial patterns, adding zippers, sewing sleeves, making bias tape, basting, various stitch styles, etc…..what else could a novice sewer need???!!!

Any Drawbacks??
The advantage of having a blog is that I can express my opinions…however this isn’t always easy. Artists work endless hours perfecting their craft, so who am I to state what I didn’t necessarily love, right? Well, partially. Although being honest is difficult at times, it’s also the only way we can strive to tweak things, or at least learn to view things from a different lens. That being said….

One of the beginning section Moebes offers a “Time for Reflection” with an opportunity to answer personal questions about the reader and their sewing inspiration and goals. By no means do I dislike this part, but I didn’t connect with it as much as other sections. In the same section she encourages keeping up with lots of sewing blogs, which I completely agree with – this is where we find our inspirations and ideas!

Some Cool Features of the book…
-Moebes has history of sewing machines timeline with a bit of details – pretty cool to read!
-A “thread” section of the book details the difference in threads (polyester, embroidery, basting, etc.)…ooooh I love learning new things!

Overall I give Moebes book a big ol thumbs up! Rock it out and pick up this book!

Get inspired today,

1 thought on “Stitch by Stitch: Review”

  1. hmmm… I may have to get a copy, since I feel like a beginner most of the time. Maybe I'll find someone to borrow it from….thanks for your honest opinion = It helps when I don't want to waste my time reading something that may not be of any value.


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