Grease Fire

I’ve made onion straws one thousand times before, but for some reason this time wasn’t as successful as before….in fact, it was bad…..and scary…..and we are very lucky everyone is okay! A grease fire can get extremely intense quickly, and I am thankful I was the only one in the kitchen at the time!

The contractor comes on Monday to let us know if my 1950’s stove is salvageable at all….if not I get a new stainless steel commercial double oven comparable to the one I currently have. I’m torn on the decision I’m hoping for, so I’ll just wait to see. At any rate here’s my kitchen before…..

I wish I had an old photo of my oven, but it looked like this in mint condition….

And now…..

So now I have an opportunity to paint have by popcorn ceiling removed (WOOT!), and repaint EVERYTHING! I’m considering a few things, but ideas are certainly welcome. I’m looking for input on the color of the walls (currently a sunshiney yellow) and the cabinets (currently white).

Get inspired today,Becky

1 thought on “Grease Fire”

  1. wow!!!!! speechless…..well not for long. definitely get excited about the stainless stove!!!based on size and location of kitchen – go bright, not dark and keep cabinets white, but that's just me. If you are thinking, resale in the next couple of years, then definitely don't go too bright. From someone, who uses a deep color that will take at least 4 coats to recover in the kitchen, go lighter if you won't be there for at least 5 years. 🙂


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