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Canvas quote art


I’ve seen a lot of subway art and such around which I adore; however I don’t have a silhouette or a vinyl decal cutter, so here’s another take on how to accomplish the same idea:

Tools needed:
Letter stickers

Step one: find the quote you want on your canvas. There are tons on google or Pinterest!
(Another grand idea is to use a fun family quote, a funny saying one of your kids said, or even a fun rule your household has!)

Step 2:
Adhere the stickers to the canvas



Step 3: spray paint
Paint using long upwards motions above the canvas. Be sure to cover the sides of canvas.
(I used valspar spray paint for this project)

Step 4: once paint is dried, peel stickers off.

Step 5: touch up any areas that need it with white paint. Voila – awesome project!

<img src="https://beckbydesign.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/20130105-181150.jpg" alt="20130105-181150.jpg" class="alignnone size-full"

4 thoughts on “Canvas quote art”

  1. ok – this might be my fav this year! ha! I REAALY like this one…so much so that I can’t even spell correctly!


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