Framed Fridge

I despise my fridge. It’s too short, it’s blah white and old. Not like fun vintage old, but just normal ‘white fridge syndrome’ old. Because I have an obsession with painting I had to do something to spice it up, but I’m not quite ready to dive into painting the whole thing, although I’ve considered chalkboard paint or covering the whole think with cork board as that could turn out sort of snazzy.

At any rate I decided to funkify it a bit and add some organization to the side of the fridge by painting old frames, adding magnets to the back and placing them on the side of the fridge most visible when walking into the kitchen. This quick-fix certainly doesn’t make the fridge appear to be an incredible, dream-like side by side refrigerator (see below…yes please!!!) but it helps give it a little pick-me-up.

refrigerator - Copy

Framed Fridge Main4

Framed Fridge


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