Funkify Your Fridge

So….hate is a strong word, and my kids aren’t allowed to use it, but between you and me, I HATE my fridge. It’s old, ugly and too small. Because I have an inside voice yelling at me to be creative daily AND I had a few hours to myself I potentially lost my mind and PAINTED MY FRIDGE! Yep, sure did, and with tinted chalkboard paint no less! Can I tell you that my old hated item in my kitchen has now become the focal point and EVERYONE comments on how great it is the second they walk in?

Okay, here’s how I made this happen:

Materials Needed:

  • Chalkboard Paint (Purchase or make your own – I bought mine, Valspar tintable chalkboard paint – $13ish )
  • Roller – medium size works best
  • tack cloth
  • painters tape (this is a must for clean lines)
  • drop cloth
  • Sand Paper/Sander (i LOVE my new orbital Dewalt sander from my Father-in-law)

Once your fridge is done and you decorate with chalk it wipes right off with a lightly damp rag. So Great!

Our Refrigerator – ugly, cluttered and just “blah”
Not going to lie, it looks a bit better with all of our crap off of it. Still no show-stopper.
Wondering how to remove the handles? Just peek around and under the freezer and main doors – you’ll see them. They remove fairly easily with a phillip screwdriver.
I also removed the “Frigedaire” logo jobber, but you could certainly tape around it. Once the project was finished I simply glued it back on with my favorite glue (E6000)
Materials Needed for sanding: 1. Orbital sander – yes, you can do this by hand, but lord all mighty that’s a lot of work! 2. Sand discs
This is what it should look like after sanded down
After the 1st coat – DON’T PANIC….I promise. You will want to do two to three coats. Let each coat dry an hour in between.
Final product after 3 coats
With such a funky fridge color I couldn’t put the old ugly standard handles, so instead I found these beauties just sitting in my drawer yelling at me to be used! And so I did. Sanded them down, painted white, sanded a bit after the white dried, and then sanded them gently down to have a shabby chic appearance. Yes, I had to drill new holes in the fridge, which is completely fine because that strip area where the handles go is solid.
Handles attached, paint has cured for 24 hours…..love it already! And now….let’s add some accents.
Added different “frames” out of chalkboard. Some ideas are: – Emergency Contact Info (for sitters) – Upcoming Events/Invites – Coupons – Stuff to keep that you don’t know what to do with – Kids recent artwork
The left side of our fridge and most used! I added the “upcoming events” section and fun photos
Front view of the fridge – where I’m keeping coupons and kids art
The right side of the fridge that faces the back door so virtually unseen hold all the stuff/deadlines, sitters numbers, etc. that we need to throw on the fridge but don’t really “need” to be reminded of it daily.
Overall I’m very pleased with our new fridge. It accents our room very well and makes it appear MUCH cooler than it really is!

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