Level: Beginner, Time: Expect 1-4 hours, Topic: Clothing/Fabric/Costumes, Uncategorized

Make A Minion Costume

Halloween is quickly approaching! If you have kids (or adults for that matter) who love minions, here’s a fairly easy way to create your own costume.

Minion Costume1 www


  • Head/Face
    • Black zip ties (Minion Hair)
      • Pierce hood of sweatshirt with 2 holes per each zip tie (about 2-3 inches apart). Thread the zip tie through both holes and secure by pulling upwards – cut off excess so spiky “hair” is approximately 3-4 inches
    • Scissors
    • Safety glasses (Minion Eyes/Goggles)
    • Black sharpie (outline thick circles on front eye section of goggles)
    • Yellow face paint (avoid eyes)
  • Body
    • Yellow hooded sweatshirt
    • Snow pants
    • Black & white felt (4 inch squares) – print/trace; then cut out Minion logo (seen below, then sew/glue/pin onto snow pantsMinion Logo
    • Winter gloves (we used the cheapy thin ones from the dollar store
2013-10-10 12.38.16
Make a Minion1 beck by design
2013-10-10 12.38.36
Make a Minion2 beck by design
2013-11-01 17.52.52
Make a Minion3 beck by design



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