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Paper Flowers Bouquet

Our daughter got married! Since I have remained 29 for the last decade, you’re undoubtedly asking yourself how in the world Becky could be so terribly young and have a daughter that got married?! Quick recap, Ashley C. Ford (find her/follow her here: smashfizzle), a brilliantly talented writer (who now resides in NYC and spends her time hanging out with celebrities, getting her first book published by Oprah, writing articles for tons of different magazines, and is living her best life), joined our family when she was in college and nannied for our little boys. Skip down the road a bit and she ended up living in our basement for a couple of years. Skip down the road a bit more and we have purposely forgotten to let her go, and never will. Ashley is a gift. A gift we can never repay. So when she got engaged to her college sweetheart I got the opportunity to try to give her a gift in return. I got to make her centerpieces and bridal bouquet.

Bouquet Ashley Ford Beck By Design

She called me one day and said “Becky, is this a crazy idea? Could we make all the flowers out of book pages?” I excitedly replied, “Yes it’s crazy……AND it’s going to happen!” 100+ hours later I completed the centerpieces, bridal bouquet and the groom’s boutonniere. Using book pages only seemed fitting since she and hubs are both writers.

And then I found out Christian Seriano was designing her dress!!!! People, this is not an ‘off the rack’ dress or buying it off eBay (which is possibly, potentially what I did)….this is an original Christian flipping Seriano dress!!!! If you need a hot second to catch up, watch Season 4 of Project Runway…..spoiler alert; he wins. And is phenomenal. So….talk about pressure……I’m now making PAPER flowers for a couture custom designed dress? Guess so. Not going to lie, I was worried. Like, really worried – I didn’t know if it would all work together – I didn’t want her bouquet to appear tacky against her amazingly GORGEOUS dress!

Paper flowers aren’t a new idea; either are petals made from book pages. But I wanted to share with you what I did to make a bridal bouquet and boutonniere a bit more special and memorable. I asked the members of the bridal party and her fiance to write notes of love, poems, etc. I collected them all electronically, printed them in Times New Roman font (book like), tea stained the papers and then made the bridal bouquet from all of the letters written. I then ordered a quick bounded spiral notebook of all the letters/notes so she could actually read them (because trying to read on petals can get tricky!) from Staples.com. The groom’s boutonniere was made from the bride’s ridiculously well written wedding vows, with a hint of eucalyptus to pull it all together.

Wanted to share this cute idea, and something she will be able to cherish for a lifetime.

So happy for the special couple Ashley and Kelly! #fordstacyforever

Centerpieces Ashley Ford Beck By Design
The Centerpieces

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