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Dining Room Chair Becomes a Funky Bench!

Do you remember the desk I featured the other day??? I needed a funky seat to go along with it. I found an old oak dining room chair and went to work with the hammer and staple gun! I hammered the top half away so I could just work with the seat and legs. I… Continue reading Dining Room Chair Becomes a Funky Bench!

Level: Beginner, Topic: Accessories, Topic: Housewares

Fondue Gala Details

Annually my friend Erin and I host a fondue holiday party for couples only (kiddos have to stay at home). We provide the meat (chicken, steak, sausage, shrimp) and everyone else signs up for different sides. This year we made three different fondues - oil (for the meat), cheese (for the bread and sausage) and… Continue reading Fondue Gala Details

Level: Beginner, Time: Expect 1 hour or less, Time: Expect 1-4 hours, Topic: Accessories, Topic: Housewares

Update Your Lamps!

                  So.....I had an okay lamp on our end table in our bedroom, but I'm never okay with "just okay" So of course I have to update it! I found some buttons, some straws, spray paint, glue gun.....and forget about it!!!! Level: Beginner Time: 1-4 hours Topic:… Continue reading Update Your Lamps!

Level: Beginner, Time: Expect 1 hour or less

Extra Storage for your Stroller

Let's just get it out of the way - my photos aren't terrible, but they're not great either! Clearly I had the wrong settings and didn't pay attention enough to notice. UGH! At any rate, this tutorial is too cute and handy not to share, so I'm sucking it up and letting you all in!This… Continue reading Extra Storage for your Stroller

Level: Beginner, Time: Expect 1-4 hours, Topic: Housewares

Burlap & Starfish Wreath

I'm excited to feature Roeshel from The DIY Showoff today! Roeshel has offered a great project using burlap! Burlap is always a fun fabric to get creative with - so many uses and it's always wonderful to see what people come up with while using it! Be sure to visit Roeshel's site - she's got a… Continue reading Burlap & Starfish Wreath

Level: Beginner, Time: Expect 1 hour or less, Topic: Accessories

Buckle Earrings

Topic: AccessoriesTime: Less than an HourWhy do I have an entire muffin tin full of unpaired earrings? Simply put is because I have an unrealistic idea that somehow I will one day find where my 1 year old "hid" mommy's pretties. The day I find the pairs to some of my fav earrings is the day… Continue reading Buckle Earrings

Level: Beginner, Time: Expect 1-4 hours, Topic: Accessories, Topic: Sewing

Poppy Summer Garland

Hi I'm, Jen from LipstickandLaundry, trading places with Becky from Liberate Creativity ... Hope you enjoy the Summer California Poppy Garland!California Poppy Garland...You will need a few sheets of orange felt, one sheet of green felt, and any other color in a couple shades, I chose brown and tan. Each flower will require two poppy… Continue reading Poppy Summer Garland

Level: Beginner, Time: Expect 1 hour or less, Topic: Paint

Chalkboard Wine Glasses

Level: BeginnerTime: Less than an hourTopic: PaintingOkay, I love wine. I've said it....the secret is out! Since I've shared it with you all, you should know my newest ideas.....let's forget those wine charms and introduce some easy-peasy labels.....no one wants to lose their wine glass at a party for goodness sakes!Step 1: Gather your wine… Continue reading Chalkboard Wine Glasses

Level: Beginner, Time: Expect 1-4 hours, Topic: Housewares

Dry Erase Possibilities!

Have you ever tried Dry Erase paint? Okay, seriously, you should. Recently I completed a couple easy-peasy projects using this amazing paint.....1. Dry Erase "Idea" board for my craft room2. "Menu" board for my kitchenLevel: BeginnerTopic: HousewaresTime: Expect 1-4 HoursThe steps are so simple it barely needs a tutorial. What I would say is FOLLOW… Continue reading Dry Erase Possibilities!

Level: Beginner, Time: Expect 1-4 hours, Topic: Housewares

Simple Photo Frames

Hi my name is Stephanie Lynn from Under the Table and Dreaming and I'm delighted to be visiting Becky today!Level: BeginnerTime: Expect 1-4 yearsTopic: HousewaresI have a simple frame to share with you today that can also double as a little note holder too.{1} Cut the wood - it can be from any scraps you… Continue reading Simple Photo Frames