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Track Your Travels – Cool Guestbook

Want to experience an authentic "farm" experience? Complete with fresh eggs and horses? Make reservations at The Creek House in Muncie, IN (about an hour north of Indianapolis) - you won't be disappointed! Guess what I got to do? Decorate this amazing vacay home! I will show you all lots of projects I completed, but… Continue reading Track Your Travels – Cool Guestbook

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Paper Flowers Bouquet

Our daughter got married! Since I have remained 29 for the last decade, you're undoubtedly asking yourself how in the world Becky could be so terribly young and have a daughter that got married?! Quick recap, Ashley C. Ford (find her/follow her here: smashfizzle), a brilliantly talented writer (who now resides in NYC and spends… Continue reading Paper Flowers Bouquet

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Subway Art Dining Room Table!

I generally work on projects that I can "move" to the garage in case they don't turn out as expected....but THIS time I thought BIG and knew I couldn't mess up! My dining room table was purchased about 10 years ago. It's the 'high table stool' style, and I don't necessarily love it anymore, but… Continue reading Subway Art Dining Room Table!

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What a Baby Doll!

I was visiting my bestie the other day and (of course) I had to bring their new baby a gift! So on the plane (on the fly of course!) I came up with a baby measurements (sorry), but lots of hand sewing...UGH! At any rate, she loved it! I cut funky fabric in a square-like fashion for… Continue reading What a Baby Doll!

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Dining Room Chair Becomes a Funky Bench!

Do you remember the desk I featured the other day??? I needed a funky seat to go along with it. I found an old oak dining room chair and went to work with the hammer and staple gun! I hammered the top half away so I could just work with the seat and legs. I… Continue reading Dining Room Chair Becomes a Funky Bench!

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The Craf "tee" Tote

Seriously, I'm completely humbled and pumped that Megan from Brassy Apple agreed to make a guest appearance here! I have been a follower for years, and to be perfectly honest, I don't think she realizes how completely uber talented she is! Megan was given a crazy gift of creativity, and it shows in her work!… Continue reading The Craf "tee" Tote

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Bookbinding Journal Album

Talk about stoked....I couldn't wait to share this tutorial with you all! Elena from Natures Cubbyhole is an amazing artist who crafts the most phenomenal pieces. Not only is she talented, she's also UBER ultra great for giving us a tutorial on bookbinding! WOOT! Enjoy the read and hope you get inspired!______________________________________________________________________________Hi everyone! I’m Elena… Continue reading Bookbinding Journal Album

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Richly Ruffled Dress

I'm ecstatic to have Jenn from A Jennuine Life today to offer a super duper fab tutorial! Be sure to check her out on her site and show her some Liberate Creativity Love! Come back soon Jenn!Richly Ruffled Dress Level: Beginner to IntermediateTime to complete: Depends on ability, but you'll have fun doing it!Topic: Clothing,… Continue reading Richly Ruffled Dress