Follow This Journey!

If I have an hour or more of spare time, I run outside and work on Maxine the camper. Okay, scratch that, we all know Becky doesn't run....like, ever. Maybe I jaunt over to her....that sounds better. Those who work on Maxine get to leave their autograph legacy. At any rate, MAKE SURE that you're… Continue reading Follow This Journey!


MAXINE UPDATE {8 Week Delay? Not on my watch!}

Oh Maxine, we've only been together for two weeks, but you're certainly keeping me on my toes! First, I've created quite the habit of talking to you. You're a camper. I'm a human. I assume this habit will continue. Secondly, my original budget to gussy you up and get you in tip-top shape by May… Continue reading MAXINE UPDATE {8 Week Delay? Not on my watch!}


New Addition to the Family – MAXINE

Buying a vintage camper trailer has been a dream of mine for 10+ years. Last week I found her....I call her Maxine. She's a 1959 Fan Camper, made in Wakarusa, IN (very close to my childhood hometown). This will be quite the project, but I'm so looking forward to it! I will be adding some… Continue reading New Addition to the Family – MAXINE


Tackling the XBOX Controllers!

Joined in the fun with a great contest hosted by Quikrete - create a DIY project using one bag (or less) of concrete. #QuikreteCastingCall Created a funky cook concrete tray with controller, remote control & cup impressions - a not-so-subtle hint to my kiddos on where the things belong when they're done playing! Check it… Continue reading Tackling the XBOX Controllers!

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Track Your Travels – Cool Guestbook

Want to experience an authentic "farm" experience? Complete with fresh eggs and horses? Make reservations at The Creek House in Muncie, IN (about an hour north of Indianapolis) - you won't be disappointed! Guess what I got to do? Decorate this amazing vacay home! I will show you all lots of projects I completed, but… Continue reading Track Your Travels – Cool Guestbook

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Paper Flowers Bouquet

Our daughter got married! Since I have remained 29 for the last decade, you're undoubtedly asking yourself how in the world Becky could be so terribly young and have a daughter that got married?! Quick recap, Ashley C. Ford (find her/follow her here: smashfizzle), a brilliantly talented writer (who now resides in NYC and spends… Continue reading Paper Flowers Bouquet

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Be Inspired: Martha’s Flowers {Book Review}

I'm itching for Spring to get here....and stay. I live in Indiana and one day last week it was 70 degrees, and then today is was SNOWING. Seriously. Not okay. I can see my tulips peeking through the ground and am getting excited to plant my garden and hopefully build a few new raised beds.… Continue reading Be Inspired: Martha’s Flowers {Book Review}

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Become An Auction Groupie

If you're ever at a loss for inspiration...go to an AUCTION! Don't be intimidated if you've never been to one, the auctioneers are very kind and you can stand around the "regulars" until you get the hang of it. I scored some crazy good treasures this past weekend. A 10 foot vintage ladder (that I… Continue reading Become An Auction Groupie


Holy Makeover, You’d Better Take a Seat!

Found a great treasure at an auction. It reminds me of a small church pew. There's a neat drawer at the base. After two yards of home decor fabric and a staple gun the piece has transformed into a true statement piece. This will be perfect in a little nook with some cute accent pillows.… Continue reading Holy Makeover, You’d Better Take a Seat!


Ornament, My Favorite Memories… {Very Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea}

If you need a super quick last minute Christmas gift for someone, cut up some 1" strips of paper, write your favorite things about a person, favorite memories, why they're special to you, etc., roll into tight rolls (I used a pencil), and then put them in an empty round ornament. Voila - a super… Continue reading Ornament, My Favorite Memories… {Very Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea}