Light Box Low-down

My sister got me a portable light box for Christmas and today I finally got it all set up! I'm super stoked!!! The one I got you can find it here"&gt from Limo Studio (I just checked and right now it's discounted to a great buy!). In case you're looking for something to take great… Continue reading Light Box Low-down


Framed Fridge

I despise my fridge. It's too short, it's blah white and old. Not like fun vintage old, but just normal 'white fridge syndrome' old. Because I have an obsession with painting I had to do something to spice it up, but I'm not quite ready to dive into painting the whole thing, although I've considered… Continue reading Framed Fridge

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Subway Art Dining Room Table!

I generally work on projects that I can "move" to the garage in case they don't turn out as expected....but THIS time I thought BIG and knew I couldn't mess up! My dining room table was purchased about 10 years ago. It's the 'high table stool' style, and I don't necessarily love it anymore, but… Continue reading Subway Art Dining Room Table!

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Say It Sweet: Valentine’s

If you are a grandparent or aunt/uncle to my kids and are reading this..........STOP READING....IT'S FOR YOUR OWN GOOD! Now that we got that out-of-the-way¬†(because let's be honest none of them actually halted from reading, who would!), wanted to give you a sneak peek at the kids valentine's this year. Charley needed one for school,… Continue reading Say It Sweet: Valentine’s

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Clearance Earrings

I visit clearance sections of stores because I like a great bargain, but also because I like to see what I can pick up and alter its look. Found these neutral twine wrapped earrings at Maurices for $1.00.....yeah baby! Took black and white sharpies and brushed/painted the earrings... Ooooooh.....Ahhhhhh.......FUN! Another quick idea for big fun… Continue reading Clearance Earrings

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Canvas quote art

I've seen a lot of subway art and such around which I adore; however I don't have a silhouette or a vinyl decal cutter, so here's another take on how to accomplish the same idea: Tools needed: Canvas Paint Letter stickers Knife Step one: find the quote you want on your canvas. There are tons… Continue reading Canvas quote art