Holiday-ness creates inexpensive home decor

Now is the time to sweep the aisles of stores for huge discounts on holiday decor.....now, what to do with it all?!I bought this holiday lampshade for $3 (originally $15) - super stoked.I ripped (aka, gently removed) the banner from the top and bottom and added my own ribbon and trim with a few drops of… Continue reading Holiday-ness creates inexpensive home decor


No Sew QUICK Pirate Outfits!

Plans changed today so we we able to attend a friends party where her girls theme was pirates and princesses. Well, with a quick (and I mean QUICK) trip to Goodwill I whipped up these outfits for the boys in an hour....not too shabby and NO SEWING INVOLVED! I've included the clothes we found to… Continue reading No Sew QUICK Pirate Outfits!

Time: 4+ Hours, Uncategorized

What a Baby Doll!

I was visiting my bestie the other day and (of course) I had to bring their new baby a gift! So on the plane (on the fly of course!) I came up with a baby doll....no measurements (sorry), but lots of hand sewing...UGH! At any rate, she loved it! I cut funky fabric in a square-like fashion for… Continue reading What a Baby Doll!

Level: Beginner, Time: Expect 1-4 hours, Topic: Accessories, Topic: Furniture

Ugg Floral Chair Becomes Great Functional Chair!

Found this chair for $5 the other day that I fell in love with! (Come on people, use your imagination!). I unscrewed the seat part and just knew the current fabric needed to go.... I covered some batting and fabric....and began stapling..... I then sanded down the chair, painted it with metallic paint.... I reattached… Continue reading Ugg Floral Chair Becomes Great Functional Chair!

Level: Beginner, Repurposing, Time: 4+ Hours, Topic: Accessories, Topic: Furniture, Topic: Housewares, Uncategorized

Dining Room Chair Becomes a Funky Bench!

Do you remember the desk I featured the other day??? I needed a funky seat to go along with it. I found an old oak dining room chair and went to work with the hammer and staple gun! I hammered the top half away so I could just work with the seat and legs. I… Continue reading Dining Room Chair Becomes a Funky Bench!


Grease Fire

I've made onion straws one thousand times before, but for some reason this time wasn't as successful as before....in fact, it was bad.....and scary.....and we are very lucky everyone is okay! A grease fire can get extremely intense quickly, and I am thankful I was the only one in the kitchen at the time!The contractor… Continue reading Grease Fire

Level: Beginner, Topic: Accessories, Topic: Housewares

Fondue Gala Details

Annually my friend Erin and I host a fondue holiday party for couples only (kiddos have to stay at home). We provide the meat (chicken, steak, sausage, shrimp) and everyone else signs up for different sides. This year we made three different fondues - oil (for the meat), cheese (for the bread and sausage) and… Continue reading Fondue Gala Details