About Me

Important things you should know about me:

-I Feel a loss if I don’t accomplish one “crafty” thing throughout the day.

-I’ve turned 29 (again and again and again, etc.)

-I’m Mom to 2 amazing little guys

-I have an amazing husband who is my rock.

-I Recently discovered that taking a risk to do what I love could be worth it all.

-I Cherish my upbringing.

-I Value my ethics.

-I Love my dog (even though I always said I was not a dog-person).

-I Am addicted to chapstick. No, for realz, it’s a problem.

-I Enjoy a challenge.

-I Have nothing to complain about.

I have been crafty ever since I can remember. I grew up with my Mom always sewing and baking. My fondest memory is making pies with her – I would get the leftover dough and make my own personal pies in “pot pie” metal dishes. My parents always encouraged me to think outside of the box, and I certainly continued that into adulthood. Art was always my favorite subject, but I don’t think I ever consciously labeled myself as creative. I would spend hours in our barn concocting up new inventions and projects from old pieces of scrap metal, wood, wires and such. One of my favorite places to visit was my parents HVAC shop, where their inventory in the back was floor to ceiling copper tubing, wires, screws, etc. – I was in hog heaven (until my Dad would catch me and remind me how much copper cost!). At any rate I’ve always had a desire to try any and every creative project that caught my eye! I never became a master at one certain medium because I couldn’t stop trying everything. At an early age I would sell homemade cards made from toilet paper, jewelry, and basically anything anyone would buy! Handmade cards and presents were expected while growing up, as I was brought up to realize they mean much more than any material purchase from a store. I majored in English for my undergrad, basically because once again, I couldn’t pick just one area to focus. Upon graduation I worked in Higher Education Administration. A few years later I was married to my college sweetheart, and since then we have had two little boys. Both of our boys were born prematurely, and although they were each hospitalized for an extensive period of time at birth, are both thriving today and getting into plenty of mischief daily! I had my most recent son and finished my Masters degree in the same month – I was given an amazing opportunity to stay-at-home with both boys for a year, and I took it graciously! The year cut-off mark came and I returned to working full-time, in a job I love, but still makes me sad because it puts my “crafting” on the back burner sometimes. Thank you for finding me here, and I hope you stick around to find some great tutorials, a bit of creative inspiration, and ride along on this ride of my life!

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