Focus? What’s That?

Dream BigSo here’s the thing. I’ve been on this “journey” to try and figure out what exactly I want to do. Do I want to continue with my blog? Do I want to focus more heavily on my Etsy shop and selling my stuff? Would I rather work with local design gigs? What gives me fire? What unleashes my creativity?

The issue is…’s all of it, and sometimes none of it. I added “Oh Look, Something Shiny” on the header of my blog because that’s me in a nutshell. I have so many interests and high levels of curiosity and drive that I find myself really focused on a specific medium/project….and then in a quick swoop I can be on to the next idea, on to the next medium. Have some focus woman! Whether it’s working with wood, leather, paint, fabrics, metals, jewelry, epoxy, vinyl….or a mixture of all of these things, I tend to really focus on what I’m “into” for that moment. It’s a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I get to try out new things, but a curse because I feel like I cannot make a “decision” on what my main goal, passion, objective is. I will go months successfully submitting blog posts, and then go months with none. I find myself getting overwhelmed with trying to figure it all out and looking at the bigger picture rather than simply enjoying what I’m doing on the daily, and celebrating I get the opportunity to be creative!

I  often set goals, and then am irritated when I do not accomplish them – not difficult goals either…..goals like, ‘make dinner for the family 3 nights this week.’ And then I self-criticize when baseball practices, work commitments, errands and, well, just LIFE, all get in the way and my kids have cereal or pizza. I need to give myself a break. I need to grant myself a bit of grace. 

So focus may not be a strength of mine, but enjoying being a maker certainly is. I’m excited to continue sharing my ideas, creations, daily struggles as well as the triumphs.

Be well.




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