Level: Beginner, Time: Expect 1 hour or less, Topic: Accessories

Fancy Flower out of Yoga Pants

I‘m thrilled to have Sara from CraftSnob join us on Liberate Creativity! Sara offers amazing projects and was brave  nice enough to offer one of her beautiful flower projects with us! Thanks Sara, come back anytime!

Be sure to check out her entire site – a direct link to the “Shari” project can be found here
Level: Beginner
Topic: Accessories
Time to complete project: Expect 1 hour or less


Are you surprised to see another flower tutorial? Let’s call her Shari. 
Shari was born from the bottom of a pair of my yoga pants. Okay, I’m not a yoga fan. That’s beside the point. But, I LOVE yoga pants. You know how the length shrinks when you wash pants like these? Since my pants became high-waters, I just cut off the bottom to make them knee length. 

Start with 5 large circles, 8 medium circles, and 8 small circles. I used 2.5″, 2″, and 1.5″, respectively. Make 4 sets of stacked circles. One large on bottom, 2 medium in the middle, and 2 small on top. 

The fifth large circle will be the piece that all four stacks are sewn onto. Thread a needle and knot the end of the thread. Pick up one stack of circles and enter with the needle from the bottom center. Pull the thread through.

Send the needle back through the stack of fabric. Pass the thread through the center of the single large circle. 

Pass the needle back through the single fabric circle. Pick up another stack. Enter the bottom center of the stack with the needle.

Pass the needle back through the stack and through the single fabric circle. Do this for the other 2 stacks. Tie off the thread on the underside of the single fabric circle. Cut away the excess thread. Notice that each stack is sewn through almost the center of the single fabric circle.
My high-waters produced a lovely flower, don’t you think?
The Real Deal: It pretty much cost me $0 since I used clothing material on hand. 

5 thoughts on “Fancy Flower out of Yoga Pants”

  1. Fit Moms Fit Kids…great idea to add them to flip flops! While we're all anxiously awaiting the warm weather you could also spruce up a dress coat with one of these neat flowers! Would certainly make a great broach!-Becky


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