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DIY Easy Accent Pillow under $5.00

If you love decorative pillows, but hate to spend a fortune (generally starting at $20+) for ONE, consider this much more inexpensive and creative alternative…..use a placemat! Wait, what? Yes friends, a placemat. Trust me…..no one will ever know the difference.

Featured Photo Beck by Design Placemat to PillowWhile strolling through the kitchen goods aisles, alter your perspective and think about if the cloth place mats you’re seeing would make a cute accent pillow! Always check out the clearance section for cloth placemats first – Crate and Barrel, Kohls, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, etc. oftentimes have them marked down to $2 each (or less)!

Here are the super simple easy steps to transform a place mat into a cute accent pillow:

  1. Use a seam ripper to open the cloth place mat (enough so you can add stuffing)
  2. Fill the place mat with fill
  3. Stitch up the side (by hand or machine)
  4. Enjoy your new pillow!

I’ve included photos below for your reference.

beck by design placemat to pillow.jpg

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