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Track Your Travels – Cool Guestbook

Where do you call home final beck by design

Guest Book Beck by Design The Creek House Burton FarmWant to experience an authentic “farm” experience? Complete with fresh eggs and horses? Make reservations at The Creek House in Muncie, IN (about an hour north of Indianapolis) – you won’t be disappointed!

Guess what I got to do? Decorate this amazing vacay home! I will show you all lots of projects I completed, but one of my faves was the giant wooden map! I was tasked with creating a piece of art that could also track the visitors who stay at The Creek House. A guest book maybe? Nah, that’s too boring. What about a gigantic Map on the wall? Yes please! This is going to live in the main family gathering room – and all families who stay will get to mark on the map (with a fancy tack and hammer) where they’re from.

Great conversation piece, super fun project to make and fun for the visitors to see where other travelers are from!

The end result:Where do you call home final beck by design

How I made it:

  1. Grabbed 4 pieces of barn wood (auction find)
  2. 2×4’s (to secure back)
  3. Paint (cream and grey)
  4. Engineering print from Staples (outline of US Map)
  5. Sharpie (always)
  6. Cable wire (for mounting – this is a heavy piece!)

**The only obstacle I’ve faced so far is they have had quiet a few international travelers! A new map is in my future!

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