MAXINE UPDATE {8 Week Delay? Not on my watch!}

Oh Maxine, we’ve only been together for two weeks, but you’re certainly keeping me on my toes! First, I’ve created quite the habit of talking to you. You’re a camper. I’m a human. I assume this habit will continue.

Secondly, my original budget to gussy you up and get you in tip-top shape by May was centered around plasma donation funds. Yes people, plasma donation. If I donate twice a week I can make approximately $90/week, which was planned to go directly into Maxine. However, plans fell apart last night when I DEFERRED AT PLASMA! This means EIGHT WEEKS until I can try to give again. WHAT? Maxine cannot wait 8 weeks for me! I’m in planning mode at this point – I’m taking odd jobs for others to keep generating some camper money to make it happen. For example, I did laundry for a friend and they gave me $40 – who in their right mind pays someone $40 to do 3 loads of laundry? Apparently someone who really despises laundry. At any rate, I’ll take it! I’m going to organize a friend’s office, and find other things to do so I can continue on this journey. Unless Maxine rolls herself out of my driveway I’m determined to get her done!

1st coat of sealant

My Dad has been working on rebuilding the corner (arches aren’t my thing – you know, math and all!) – you can see it here. He’s coming back this weekend to help with the electrical. Tonight I add a second coat of roofing sealant.

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